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Moira dela Torre
Moira dela Torre
General Information
Gender Female
Age 19
Nationality Filipino
Location Makati City
Occupation College student
Team(s) Team Apl
Season(s) 1
Blind Audition song "Hallelujah"
Battles song TBA
Chairs Turned

Moira dela Torre (born November 4, 1993) is a Filipino college student and singer from Makati City who is currently a contestant on the first season of The Voice of the Philippines.



Before Moira became the beautiful, confident person that she is, she was once a bit chubby teenager and didn't believe too much of herself. When most girls her age was dealing with their period or transition from elementary to high school, Moira was already battling with anorexia.

Bringing her out to music, Moi later posted videos of her in social media where she got noticed by music and jingle producers. So while in school, Moira started writing her own music, jingles, and accepted voice talent tasks.

So while most teens her age are dealing with lovemakings and gimmicks, Moira is busy writing the next jingle we'd be listening and singing-along to.

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