Lorenzana Siblings
Lorenzana Siblings
General Information
Full name Gregory Mangindin Lorenzana, Jr. (Guji)
Gender Female/Male
Age 25 (Grace)
33 (Guji)
Nationality Filipino
Location Long Beach, California, United States and Taguig
Occupation Theater actress (Grace)
Film and television actor (Guji)
Team(s) Team Apl
Season(s) 1
Blind Audition song "Need You Now"
Battles song "Signed,Sealed,Delivered
Chairs Turned
The Lorenzana Siblings are a Filipino duo from Taguig consisting of siblings Grace Lorenzana (born July 15, 1987) and Guji Lorenzana (born May 11, 1980) who are currently contestants on the first season of The Voice of the Philippines.



It was Grace's idea to audition for the competition, but because she didn't feel comfortable going to the auditions alone, her elder brother Guji decided to join her and give a little push. Grace describes Guji as a good brother. Guji is not just a kuya, but he is her bodyguard, defender, driver, and adviser. That's why Grace felt bad when Guji left the United States to try his career in the Philippines.

Being the big brother and her guardian in the country, he takes time to show Grace around the industry. Guji even accompanies Grace to her theatre stints. In a nutshell, Guji says "the siblings that sings together, fights harder."

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