Eva delos Santos
Eva delos Santos
General Information
Gender Female
Age 51
Nationality Filipino
Location Cebu
Occupation Entrepreneur and housewife
Team(s) Team Sarah
Season(s) 1
Blind Audition song "Proud Mary"
Battles song TBA
Chairs Turned
Eva delos Santos (born October 1, 1962) is a Filipino entrepreneur, housewife, and singer from Cebu who is currently a contestant on the first season of The Voice of the Philippines.

Her daughter, Monique delos Santos, auditioned before her but did not advance to the battle rounds.



Before she became a mother and an entrepreneur, music had been part of Eva's life. Born and raised in Bohol, the young Eva moved to Cebu City for college, where she began performing. During her glory days of singing, she was able to perform around the country and in some major cities around Asia.

In late 1980's, she fell in love and got married. Eva decided to put music in the backseat to give way to her life's new challenges as a wife and as a mother.

As this mother reaches her golden years, Eva wanted to give herself a chance to continue the music where she left it off. She joined the competition not only for the chance of making her dreams come true, but to inspire people her age that they can still dream new dreams, or awaken passion in hiatus.

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