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Angelique Alcantara
Angelique Alcantara
General Information
Gender Female
Age 17
Nationality Filipino
Location Samal Island, Davao del Norte
Occupation Bachelor in Science of Psychology college student
Team(s) Team Bamboo
Season(s) 1
Blind Audition song "Diamonds"
Battles song TBA
Chairs Turned

Angelique Alcantara (born October 23, 1995) is a Filipino college student and singer from Samal Island, Davao del Norte who is currently a contestant on the first season of The Voice of the Philippines.



Like most people in financial distress, Angelique was not lucky enough to get proper training in music. But being a determined young woman, she was not limited by their investments and sang, practiced whenever she can.

Angelique is taking up Bachelor in Science of Psychology to understand her own behaviour and her life's biggest question as to why her father do not treat her as his own daughter when she obviously looks like him.

The young woman from Samal Island joined the competition to challenge herself. Angelique wants to believe in herself and wants someone to believe in her herself.

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